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Lean Foundation

Duration: 5 hours self-paced
Access: 6 months
Audience: Team Leaders, Quality Managers
Certification: Yes
Accredited by: GEL
Exam: Assessment (3 x multiple choice tests)
Mock Exam: Self-assessment exercise included

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About this course
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of Lean, including those who are new to the concept of Lean but who are ambitious about learning and applying the Lean principles and change management within their organization.

By the end of the course, you will be knowledgeable about Lean, its principles, processes and its practicability across different industries and sectors. You will also be able to identify how Lean can be related to your own Organization and you will be equipped with the knowledge to implement a successful Lean management project that will benefit and add value to your organization.

Audience profile

This course is ideal for professionals who:

  • Want a good introduction to Lean methodology
  • Need to know about Lean at work
  • Would like to start a career in Lean Management

Module 1: Intro to Process Management & Principles of Lean
This module will introduce you to the ways a Lean process can be implemented within an organizational environment. It will also touch upon on stakeholder management and communication. You will learn about the principles of Lean, the importance of Value and Value Stream Mapping.

Module 2: Process Flow, Process Risk Analysis, Claims Authorization Process Exercise
This module will take you through the Lean process flow and the 5S Approach. After completing the module, you will have an appreciation of the visual workspace application. You will understand the concept of process risk analysis and how to work with certain standard diagrams. You will also be learn how to evaluate and analyze risk.

Module 3: Lean Change Process, Project Planning & Management, Performance Management
In this module you will learn how to manage the Lean process and the changes that will occur within the organization as a result of it. You will also be prepared to deal with changes during the Lean implementation process. Additionally, this module will teach you about the Lean project planning and management process and the methods for problem solving and improving the methodology. Finally, you will find learn how to plan and deploy a Lean implementation within your organization.

Module 4: Birthday Exercise
This module contains an interesting exercise to help you consolidate you knowledge of the learning outcomes in the previous modules. The exercise is called the "Birthday Exercise" - hopefully you will find it interesting and instructive. The exercise will ask you to use Lean methodology to measure and improve a Birthday process.



The course is assessed by three multiple-choice tests and the completion of an interactive exercise, based on the learning outcomes from the core modules in the course. If successful, you will be awarded a Lean Foundation Certificate.

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